47 cats seized

We sent the following release to the media October 19, 2016. We are very aware of the range of emotions that will result. If you have any questions or concerns about the case, we will be happy to speak with you about it. Animals are seized based on the evidence we see, not on the information we receive.

For Immediate Release
October 19, 2016
Contact: Paulette Dean (434) 799-5306

The Danville Area Humane Society is in need of help from members of the public. During the last ten days, we have seized a total of 47 cats from two different neglect cases. Owners and animal control officers brought in another 60 cats during that same time; we currently have custody of over 100 cats.
We are paying to have several cats boarded at a local facility so we do not have to euthanize friendly, healthy, adoptable cats because we do not have cage space. Custody hearings in both cases will be held in Pittsylvania County General District Court on Monday, October 31st, at 9:30 a.m.
We are in need of donations of litter, litterboxes, dry cat food, and canned cat food. Donations of money to our Cat Fund will also be appreciated to help pay for the veterinary treatment of many of the cats. Normally, public animal shelters use stainless steel litterboxes; however, for this one time, we have been given permission by the State Vet’s office to use plastic litter boxes.
If members of the public have debated about becoming a foster home for the Danville Area Humane Society, we urge you to strongly consider applying to do so at this time. Foster homes will be approved for a four-week period.
Paulette Dean, executive director and court-appointed humane investigator said, “Our employees performed herculean tasks of compassion as they assisted in rescuing the large number of cats from difficult sad circumstances. Monday evening, the staff members who helped rescue thirty-one cats from one house spoke until late evening with each other about the sadness they had witnessed. We are deeply grateful for their ability to put the welfare of the cats above their own feelings.”
Finally, if your cat has been lost within the past year, please call us at 799-0843 with a description of the animal. Many of the cats were being fostered for rescue groups and may have been picked up as strays.


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