New Spay/Neuter certificates available now

Beginning Wednesday, February 22nd, and going through June 1st, City of Danville residents may pick up $50 spay/neuter certificates for their dogs and cats. Pittsylvania County residents may pick up $25 rebate certificates, which can be combined with the usual County vouchers of $25 (or $40 through February).

The certificates must be picked up at least the day before the animal is taken in for the surgery. The animals must be owned by the resident who picks up the certificate. We do not participate in TNR programs of cats, but if residents have outside cats that they provide care for, we will happily give out the certificates. If the animal has been adopted from any other shelter or rescue group, we cannot help pay for those surgeries since the other groups have their own programs. If the spay/neuter surgery itself costs less than the amount of the certificates (combined with vouchers), the rebate amount may be less.

These funds are made available through the generosity of The E. Stuart James Grant Charitable Trust, and we remain grateful. Let’s keep veterinary clinics very busy so open-admission shelters won’t have to be! Our office hours are 12-5:30 Monday through Friday and 12-3:30 on Saturday. THE CERTIFICATE MUST BE PICKED UP AT LEAST THE DAY BEFORE THE ANIMAL IS TAKEN TO THE VETERINARY CLINIC, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

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