Senate Bill 26

A bill that would essentially legalize poaching has just passed, with an amendment, out of Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The Bill, Senate bill 26

essentially prevents the game warden from investigating a hunter or fisherman unless the warden has “probable cause to make an arrest”.  The warden can’t look in the crell or in the hunting bag or even ask to see a license.

This bill was argued on 4th amendment grounds but that is foolish.  While hunting is a right in Virginia , it isn’t absolute and this could mean the game warden would have to watch the endangered animal, or one too many duck be shot or the rockfish be caught during a ban in order to take action.

This bill must be defeated on the Senate floor during the next three days and cannot be allowed to go over to the House.  Please read the bill, go to the list of Senators and call as many as you know,, put this on your face book page, tell your friends across the state.

Senator Stanley’s office number is (804) 698-7520

Senator Ruff’s office number is (804) 698-7515

If you care about wildlife, proper management of hunting and fishing or protection, please act now.

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