What is your mission statement?

Our purpose is to promote the welfare and humane treatment of all animals: mammals, fowl, reptiles, and fish; to prevent cruelty and promote kindness, respect, and reverence for all forms of life; and to this end, provide for the rescue and temporary maintenance of lost, strayed, abandoned animals; and disseminate the principles of humaneness through educational programs and through these efforts contribute to the creation of a truly humane society.

I’m interested in adopting an animal, what are the fees?

Our adoption fees are as follows:
Dog $85
Puppy $85
Cat $85
Kitten $85
ADOPTION FEE INCLUDES: Free Veterinary Exam, Rabies Vaccination, Full cost of spaying or neutering.

(If the dog is at least four months old at the time of adoption, we are required to also sell the City or County tag. The additional cost is $5.00 for a City tag and $5.00 tag.)

To adopt other small animals:

Gerbils, hamsters, mice $10
Parakeets, guinea pigs $10
Rabbits (includes required spay/neuter surgery) $50

Ferrets $75

I’ve heard that your adoption program is too strict. Is this true?

To some, our adoption program may seem too strict. But, to those who understand our mission, our adoption program is the best way to ensure that a shelter animal will never again be hungry, cold, thirsty, abused, or unwanted.

Potential adopters visit the animals and choose one they would like to adopt. They then complete a questionnaire, answering questions about how they will take care of this pet and how other pets have been taken care of. They leave the shelter with a packet of information to read during the twenty-four waiting period.

Upon approval of the questionnaire, an adoption contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid. If the dog or cat is old enough to be spayed or neutered (we require it to be done at 4 months of age), we require the surgery to be completed before the animal is taken home.

Isn’t the shelter a sad place?

We like to think of the shelter as a place of safety.

We invite you to visit the Humane Society/City of Danville Animal Shelter, located off Route 58 East of Danville in the Department of Public Works Compound.

Most people think of a shelter as a very sad place. But, it’s the best place that most of the animals have ever been in! We provide the animals lots of food, water, warmth, and safety. If we cannot place them in responsible, loving homes, we ensure that their deaths are gentle.

We provide all of the shelter dogs and cats with needed vaccinations (except the rabies shot, which is given by a veterinarian to the ones adopted) and they receive deworming treatment at least once.