Found a Pet?

What can you do?

With the increasing amount of strays in the city and county it is almost a given fact that at some time we will all be faced with this question. Knowing a few simple facts ahead of time might help you save the life of someone’s best friend.

Be Alert.

If you see a stray on the side of the road then obviously this means being aware of the traffic situation around you. However it can also mean many other things. You should first be careful that any act on behalf of the animal does not place yourself in any danger.

Are you comfortable helping the animal?

Some dogs are big and intimidating and may want nothing more than to take a bite out of a stranger. If you feel comfortable around the size and type of animal that you wish to help then approach it with caution. If you know the animal then it may react positively to you. If the animal is a stranger to you then make sure it will react positively to you. If you feel that the animal may be too much for you call animal control or the humane society. They have specially trained personal that can help even the most stubborn of our four-legged friends.

Call the Danville Area Humane Society.

If you feed the animal at your doorstep then there is no guarantee that the animal will stay. All the good that you can do will only serve as temporary help. Being able to roam freely will cause the animal to be in greater danger of being hurt or killed. The animal has no protection from the elements. The risk of unwanted pregnancies will increase with each day the animal is left to fend for themselves.

Never assume anything.

If an animal shows up unexpectedly at your door never assume that it is a stray. The dirty unkempt animal may be someone’s long-lost best friend. Feed the animal and call the appropriate people. If the animal is not rescued, then you have the option of adopting it for a nominal fee. It is better to make sure that the animal has no owners before letting them wonder what ever happened to their pet.

Do your best.

Try to act on the animal’s best interests until the time that the authorities have the animal in their control. The life that you save may be the life of someone’s best friend.