You can make a difference!

There are Lots of Ways You Can Make a Difference
Our volunteer needs are expanding and we invite you to help us help the animals. We have a variety of needs and volunteer positions to fill.

Shelter Needs
Are you in the mood to bathe a puppy? Guess what? We have puppies who need a bath! Maybe you can’t resist a little fuzzy kitten. Our kittens need to be cuddled and played with. Do adult cats start you purring? Get ready to meet every color, every size, every design of cat created! Perhaps you would like to take a nice walk. Well, we have dogs who would love to pull you on a leash.

Dogs and cats living in a shelter environment have a much better chance of being adopted if they are well-socialized and happy. Shelter volunteers can make a big difference in the life of a shelter animal. We do require shelter volunteers to have a current tetanus shot. We welcome volunteers of all ages; however, youth volunteers must be at least 14 years old in order to volunteer without a parent or other responsible adult present.

Adoption Needs
Visitors to the shelter have a lot of questions about the animals. Adoption counselors are needed to help answer questions as well as make sure that the animal chosen for adoption will fit in well with the adopter’s situation.

After the adoption takes place, volunteers call the adopters to check on the animal. We try to help with any questions or concerns that have arisen. These telephone calls can take place from your home.

Spay / Neuter Needs
We are seeking a volunteer to scan the classified ads in the newspaper as well as listen to radio shows advertising free puppies or kittens. A list of phone numbers will be maintained so shelter employees can call the owners and offer financial assistance for the spay surgery for the mother dogs and cats. What a wonderful way to help with the pet overpopulation crisis!

Fundraising Needs
Volunteer opportunities include helping at bake sales and dog washes or helping to prepare our fundraising mailings.

Please consider becoming involved in any of our programs. We would love to have you. There are plenty of rewards for volunteers, including wagging tails and a warm feeling in your heart. Please call us at (434) 799-0843 to begin a very rewarding experience.