• Yard Sale

    Yard sale time!

    Monday, June 19, 2017

    We’re on the countdown to our HUGE yard sale. It will be this Saturday from 7:30 – 12:00 noon at the Community Market. We have been overwhelmed by your response to our plea for donations. There must be some empty closets and storage rooms in Danville and Pittsylvania County now because our walls are bulging! […]

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  • Critter Chat – March 29,2017

    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    In 1996, national animal organizations established seven basic policies for every animal shelter. Over 20 years later, I am not sure what organization led the way, but they were printed in the January-February 1996 Animal Sheltering Magazine of The Humane Society of the United States. Shelters were encouraged to consider these basic essentials of their […]

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  • Easter

    The Easter Bunny is here!

    Saturday, April 8, 2017

    We’re ready for the Easter Bunny pictures with pets and/or children! Come to the shelter tomorrow between 11-3 and for $8, receive a 4X6 picture in a holiday frame. Plus, we will e-mail you all the pictures taken during your session. Thanks, Val-Rae, for getting the room ready! (We’re also having an adoption fair and […]

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  • cat in storm drain

    Critter Chat – February 15, 2017

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    The way I look at storm drains has significantly changed over the past 25 years.  More cats and dogs than we ever wanted to know about use these storm drains to safely go from place to place, and to get a little bit of perceived security.  I am not exaggerating when I say that more […]

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  • puppies kittens

    New Spay/Neuter certificates available now

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    Beginning Wednesday, February 22nd, and going through June 1st, City of Danville residents may pick up $50 spay/neuter certificates for their dogs and cats. Pittsylvania County residents may pick up $25 rebate certificates, which can be combined with the usual County vouchers of $25 (or $40 through February). The certificates must be picked up at […]

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Critter Corner


Critter Chat For March 26, 2014   During a very dramatic staff meeting seven years ago, we named an umbrella cockatoo “Buddy,” even though some staff members thought it was too ordinary a name for such an extraordinary bird.  I was one of those people.  However, other staff members had been calling him that since […]

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Birds of a feather flock from shelter

Birds of a feather flock from shelter Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2013 7:40 am http://www.godanriver.com/content/tncms/live/godanriver.com/entertainment_lifestyles/lifestyles/article_bf869c6a-4e57-11e3-85b3-001a4bcf6878.htmlBy PAULETTE DEAN Contributing columnist African Grey parrots could be considered the most well-known of the exotic birds. One, Alex, participated in language studies for more than 30 years, and proved he could understand language, not just mimic it. Because of […]

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With care, kindness, smiles animals can rebound

With care, kindness, smiles animals can rebound Posted: Sunday, November 3, 2013 6:00 am http://www.godanriver.com/content/tncms/live/godanriver.com/entertainment_lifestyles/lifestyles/article_12bd4c6e-4343-11e3-8635-0019bb30f31a.htmlBy PAULETTE DEAN Contributing columnist We have all seen pitiful people. They may have been the awkward student in school who no one would sit beside at the cafeteria table. Maybe they were the homeless person on street. Maybe the pitiful […]

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2013 Goals

My New Year’s Eve celebrations usually come to an end long before midnight. I enjoy time with family members, and then spend time thinking about the year past and the year future. I have usually chosen my theme for the New Year a couple of weeks in advance, so I think about how the theme […]

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Critter Corner By Paulette Dean In early summer, Dr. Richard Wilkes, the State Veterinarian, established a work-group to study the comprehensive animal laws.  The idea for the workgroup came before the last legislative session, but became a reality after the session was a contentious one for animal issues. I was asked to serve on this […]

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Neighborhood Cats

This past Saturday, I was grocery shopping and, as usual, a large portion of my shopping was being done in the pet food section.  A woman who saw my cart filling up with dog and cat food told me she buys cat food every day.  As we spoke more, she told me that she is […]

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News Release



For Immediate Release April 1, 2013 Contact:  Paulette Dean (434) 799-5306   We are thrilled to invite the public to our one-year anniversary in the E. Stuart James Grant Adoption Center on Saturday, April 6, 2013, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. We will celebrate this important milestone by helping animals with reduced adoption fees […]



We now have about 1,800 likes on Facebook, and we appreciate each and every one of you.  We’ve entered a new age in how business is conducted, so we have a challenge for you — On April 6, 2013, we will celebrate our one-year anniversary in our new adoption center.  For that day, we are  […]


Puppy in Plastic Bag

For Immediate Release February 25, 2013 Contact: Paulette Dean (434) 799-5306 The Danville Area Humane Society is offering a reward of $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who tied a 4 month-old puppy in a plastic bag and placed the bag in the dumpster on Oak […]


Feeding Waterfowl

For Immediate Release January 22, 2013 Contact: Paulette Dean (434) 799-5306 Many of our board members and shelter staff routinely use the Riverwalk and, as a result, we are aware of the problem with feces that litters the sidewalk. We are also aware that other localities have feeding bans. We have studied the issues with […]